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Video upload through API

First you need to get an access token.


Make a POST request to:

In the authorization tab select Basic Auth and fill out the fields.
  • Username = your client_id
  • Password = your client_secret
Postman will fill out the headers for you with the authorization value.


In the body tab add these keys and values.
  • grant_type = password (just the word “password” not your actual password)
  • Username = the e-mail address of your user in your system
  • Password = the password of your user in your system


You will receive your access_token with some more information about the token in the JSON format.
The expires_in key contains the amount of seconds that your token will expire in and you will need to refresh it.


Now you need to get your parentId


The parent ID is the ID of the folder where your file will be uploaded.

The easiest way to get this id is to upload a file in the editor and copy the parameter from that request.
Please note that the folder where you upload this test file will be the same which your API request does.


  • Press F12 before uploading the file.
  • Go to the Network tab in the devTools window.

  • Clear the page with the clear button.
  • Upload the file.

  • Look for the request that contains your parentId and copy it.




Now you can make the API call to upload the file


Make a POST call to:[Your_parent_Id]

  • Go to the Authorization tab and set the type to Bearer Token.
  • Paste your token.
Postman will fill out the headers for you with the authorization value.


  • Go to the Body tab.
  • Select form-data type.
  • Name the key to “files“.
  • Set the type of the value to File.
  • Select your file as the value.


You are ready to upload!


If you would like to see how each of the request would look like coded in different programming languages you can hit the code button and select your desired language.