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Wallboard allows you to build digital signage solutions that meet your unique needs. Build a digital menu board integrated with your point-of-sale system, an interactive in-store screen for retail, corporate communication screens with live KPI metrics, meeting room signs tied to Office 365, or anything else that you can imagine.
With built-in content creation tools, it is as easy as building your own PowerPoint presentation only from the cloud. Create a simple playlist of image and videos or build a complex solution with external sensors triggering content based on pre-defined business logic—it is up to you. No zones. No limitations.

What Our Clients Say

Wallboard’s software is truly innovative. The CMS offers design and creation tools that most others don’t have and that is why we like it. The ability to easily copy and schedule content makes it perfect for restaurant and other applications. One of the best features which we use all the time is the editable text tool. The simple drag and drop tool cuts our development time by 75% allowing us to seek more jobs.

Darryl Kuder, CEO RedDot Media

Our experience with Wallboard is a forward-looking solution that is easy to use yet has the functionality to produce high quality content which can also be easily linked to the external data sources and sensor technology.  The stability of the product is excellent, and their support is fast and helpful. We can absolutely recommend Wallboard.

Anders Krogh, CEO of Videoforce
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Wallboard is a full-service, cloud-based software solution that allows you to create, edit, and publish visual content from anywhere.

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