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With the meter element you can display values from a datasource
with a meter.


  With the meter element you can select a Datasource
and than display the value of your data in all kind of ways.
  You can use the Data Picker tool to select your Datasource.
See more about: Datapicker.
  In the Size And Position Menu you can select the width, the height, and the placement of your element quickly.
See more specified information about: Size&Position.

In the Font Menu you can set the size, the family, the style, and the color of the font.
You can also set letter spacing and shadow to your element here.
See more specified information about: Using font

In the Behaviour Menu you can set the value directly and the maximum value too without a datasource.

If you select the exact value display format you can set a symbol to display next to the value.

You can also select the orientation, the background and bar color of your element.

  In the Effects Menu you can select a background image or color to your element.
In the Animation Menu you can choose the enter, and the exit animation of your element.
See more specified information about: Animation

With switching the Custom Margin switch over you can set a custom sized margin to your element.

You can set the opacity of your element, or you can mask it.
See more about: Masking.

You can also flip your element horizontally, vertically or both ways with the flip function.

Watch a video about the element: