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Managing Screens.


  You can add screens by writing in the code that you see on the screen of your device.

You can also name your screen here.



You can assign your content by dragging over to your screen.

The green circle indicates that your screen is active.




By right clicking on your screen you can access further settings.

You can Assign and Unassign content here.

You can quick load pages , and reload the content here.

You can move your screen into a group, or remove and rename your screen.
See more about: Groups.

You can also turn emergency mode on if you have a page called emergency,
that will be loaded until you turn the setting off.

You can also check information about your screen.


Under Manage screen option you can access more settings.

You can clear the cache, set the volume, the brightness, the screen rotation, and the time of your screen.

You can also show and hide the console window, the screen name,
and turn on and off the whole display.

You can download your screen log.

You can also restart, lock, reset, and update your screen here.