• Administration

    System administrator can add and configure customers, register data sources, and check all the system parameters. Assign different roles to your team so you can cooperate efficiently!

  • User interface

    Clean-cut, easy-to-use user interface. Manage your contents, screens by few clicks and display engaging contents for your audience!

  • Content editor

    It the content editor you can create dynamic dashboards using the basic elements (text, image, video…) and charts that can be connected to real-time or historical data. You can also create emergency content that will be displayed when a data value reaches the pre-set limit. Also, you can create scheduled pages that will be displayed only in the predefined time interval.

Main features

Real-time statistics

Display any real-time statistics from the standard real-time report tables in the system

Display via Web-browser

Create dashboards accessible via a Web-browser.

Secure access

Secured access to display or configure the wallboard(s) or administer the system and users

Share with groups or individuals

Assign wallboards to groups or individual users so every user can have different wallboard layouts and settings if needed.

Modern screen elements

Customized Wallboards can be built using screen elements including:

Dynamic, interactive visuals

Add pictures, videos, streams, texts and scrolling texts. Customizable formats, animation and optional data binding.

Charts on any serial data

Bar, pie and line charts, different gauges and much more. Just bind them to a data field then adjust to your page’s layout!

Agent or stock state

Ability to display agent KPI or status information, or availability of a given product.

And more...

Display time and weather information, or embed external web pages.

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