Central screen-control

With our software you can design, edit and synchronize all your screens. All are controlled from a central computer or from the cloud. It allows you to send the same content to all of your screens at the same time, but you can send specific contents to your devices or device groups. Your colleagues in the store only have to make sure that electricity and internet connection are available.

Campaign and discount management

Our software allows you to send the same campaign to all of your screens or design local campaigns or pricing from anywhere in the world. WALLBOARD DISPLAY will take care of updating and synchronizing the contents on display. This lessens the burden on your in-store employees, because they don’t need to think about managing the screens as they are centrally controlled.

Expert system integration (stocks, pricing, specifications)

Your expert system and any database can be integrated into WALLBOARD DISPLAY, so your contents can display item-specific pricing, specifications, stock information or any data you have in your system. This makes your screens smarter and offers more detailed information for your customers.

Off the shelf marketing

The in-store screens can become active communication channels with our solution. Utilize this to market off-the-shelf products, let your customers place orders to the out-of-stock products. Raise the customer satisfaction and the range of your marketible products all at once.

Barcode scanning

We help you make your screens smart! With wallboard.info your screens can scan barcodes, so customers can get detailed product information and price information in a second. We provide an innovative barcode scanning solution, because it’s not only the price that can be displayed, but also all desired product and stock information. Our software can be integrated with your existing system or database.

Recommendations, cross sales, upsales

Your in-store wallboard.info powered smart screens can become real time customer systems if you integrate your existing databases. They can show recommended products to customers and make the customer orientation better and result in increased slaes.

No need for training

A big advantage of our system is that screens do no need any control at the physical location of the screen as they can be managed centrally from the cloud. No matter if your staff is changing quickly, the digital signage system will not need employee training as all contents are programmed and function perfectly without intervention.


With the help of our software your screens all around the world can show the same content by a touch of a button or you can send different, customized contents to each of your devices or device groups.

On-screen ordering

Your touchscreens can become able to manage the on-screen ordering. For example if you are offering customizable food (for example: wraps, pizza or hamburger) you can make your service more efficient with our system. It can make the service quicker, easier to control, safer and also makes your customers more satisfied.

Information, directories

With WALLBOARD DISPLAY your screens become smart, all can be modified at once or you can send contents to each screen or device group. Your own contents and information, and advertisements can be displayed from a central computer. Our software can play ready-made contents or contents can be made by our graphic content editor, all can be played instantly.

Dynamic evacuation

Nowadays a dynamic evacuation plan is more and more necessary, which offers alternate evacuations depending on the location of the danger. Our system is excellent for creating an adaptive evacuation plan because all screens can show different contents, and the emergency pages can be activated easily.

Camera and sensor integration

Our system can be integrated into any camera or sensor system, so your screens can show the live picture of the camera or the information gained by sensors. This way your screen can function as information or advertisement display, but in need it can be transformed into a surveillance system.

Sport management system integration

You can integrate your sport management system or any kind of expert system into WALLBOARD DISPLAY.

Time code

Theatres and studios usually need a time code on all the screens, which makes the cooperation possible. Our system is perfectly adequate for this need as well! No delay, no misunderstanding, the same time code is shown on all screens.


WALLBOARD DISPLAY allows you to design, edit and manage all of your screens from anywhere. There is no need to design different processes for each screens, there is no forgotten or faulty graphics as all screens can display exactly the same content. However, it is possible to send different contents to screens or group of screens.


All screens can be managed at the same time from a central computer or from the cloud. You can also send different, customized contents to each of your devices or device groups.


Our software can be used as a very effective and modern marketing communication tool. As opposed to the static contents our software allows you to create smart and interactive communication platforms, which are synchronized and can be managed from anywhere. Your customer’s screens are generally at the Point of Sale, so they are excellent for increasing sales by displaying customized contents.


Our software makes your screens smart, which allows you to communicate with your target audience directly with showing them customized contents based on the information collected from sensors. The displays do not need any assistance in-store as they can be managed centrally from the cloud.

User-friendly content editor

Our software has a content editor, which helps you create unique contents and integrate them with the media files already in use (logos, promo videos, images and so on). To use the editor there is no need to have any specific education, it is as easy as MS PowerPoint and its use can be learnt in a short time easily.

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