Server installation details

Running environment

More info about our server-prerequisites and optional services:

Server access

We will need SSH connection to your server to be able to update and manage your system!
In the case of an online server, we need a domain to be able to use HTTPS (security reasons). We need the exact domain, where you want to host your content editor. Examples: yourDomain, editor.yourDomain, signage.yourDomain

Please send us the SSH credentials in a separate e-mail, with the subject of the e-mail being: "{Company name} SSH credentials".
It would be more secure to have an SSH key.

If we have to access your server in another way (e.g: RDP, TeamViewer), then leave blank the Server IP and SSH username fields and fill the following field (Not SSH access details). Please, send sensitive data in a separate email!

Example: is the example RDP IP, and the username/pw provided in a separate email.

Server Licensing

Client applications

Please check for more information: