Server installation details

Running environment

Server access

We will need SSH connection to your server to be able to update and manage your system!
For security reasons, we need a domain to be able to use HTTPS. We need the exact domain, where you want to host your content editor. Examples: yourDomain, editor.yourDomain, signage.yourDomain

Please send us the SSH credentails in a separated e-mail, with the subject of the e-mail being: "{Company name} SSH credentials".
It would be more secure to have an SSH key.

Server Licensing


Please check for more information:

Optional services

These services are not required to set up, but some functions will not work without them (e.g: forgotten password feature won't work without email service, because the server is unable to send emails).
What services you want to use?
Check our detailed configuration guide and send us the required information in email.