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Daniel Madar Staff asked 2 months ago


I am using content/loop in a content, and an embedded URL on another page.
My devices crash after a few hours.

What causes the problem? How can I fix this?

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Daniel Madar Staff answered 2 months ago

Dear Questioner,

We made several tests regarding embed URLs and contents, outside of our software (in browsers), and we find out that on Linux based operating systems, the iframes are leaking memory.

I recommend to reduce the number of content/loop in content, and embedded URLs.
If you must use these, then set an automatic reboot to the device. In this case the devices will free up the detained memory every day.
If you use too much content/loop in content and embedded URLs then the automatic reboot will not help, because the device will run out of memory and crash before it could restart and free up memory.