Cannot add new customer
Questioner Staff asked 2 months ago


I am trying to add a new demo customer on my server, but everytime only a message appears that I do not have enough free licenses.
I checked that I only have 2 free licensed device, and the limit is 10.
I tried out if I do not give free licenses to the new customer, but in this case the message appeared again and I was not able to create the customer.

Am I doing something wrong? Why the message appears if I create it with 0 free license?

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Daniel Madar Staff answered 2 months ago

Dear Questioner!
The message, that you do not have enough free licenses, is meaning that you reached the limitation with free licenses on customers, not devices.
If you have more free licenses given to your customers than the limitation somehow, the system will prevent you from creating new customers, even with 0 free licenses.
Please navigate to Clients menu, under Administrator tab. Order the table by free licenses, and reduce the free license count on each customer, until the total count is below the limit.
Now that the total free license count on customers is less than the limit, you are able to create new customers.