Server installation details Private

Private server prerequisites

(please make sure you have the required requirements and check the boxes )
Minimum Hardware specification (can handle up to 200 devices)

  • 4 core CPU (prefer dedicated cores)
  • 8GB RAM
  • 16GB SWAP
  • 240GB SSD (based on contents)
Network requirement: (necessary ports)
  • Nginx
    • 80, 443/tcp - inbound

Server Licensing

Other details

Please check for more information:

Optional Services

These services are not required to set up, but some functions will not work without them (e.g: forgotten password feature won't work without email service, because the server is unable to send emails).

If you want to use these services, please send us these details in a separate e-mail along with the ssh credentials.

Mail Service: The server can send emails, but for that you have to configure an smtp service e.g:

Example configuration:

  • mail.port=587
  • mail.tls=true
  • mail.ssl=false
  • mail.username= username for smtp user
  • mail.password= password for smtp user
  • mail.from= mail sender email address e.g:
  • mail receiver email address e.g:
Twilio SMS service: The server can handle twilio service, for that you have to configure the service,more info:

Necessary information:

  • Twilio api auth-token
  • Twilio api account-SID
  • Twilio api from-phone-number
Recaptcha V2: This service helps to restrict the bots

Necessary information:

  • reCaptcha siteKey
  • reCaptcha secretKey
Google api The "Create new Google Spreadsheet" function will not work without this setting. The attached Gapi Guide will help you how to get the required datas.

Necessary information:

  • Google api key
  • Google api client-id