Guest Blog by ProDVX: A Closer Look at Essential Hardware Features for Room Booking Solutions

Whether you want to signal to others if a meeting room is available or occupied, or want to connect a camera or NFC module for an access control solution, your hardware needs the right features. ProDVX provides reliable digital signage hardware with state-of-the-art features.


Extra signaling with LED bars

Is the meeting room occupied? Is it free? You no longer have to walk all the way up to that meeting room at the end of the hallway, just to find out it is already being used. ProDVX solves this with LED bars that come in their models. These models are equipped with either 2-sided LED bars or even surround LED bars. These LED bars easily enable you to use color signals to indicate if a meeting room is available. Red can indicate that a meeting room is occupied, while green could indicate the meeting room is free to use.

Little detail: each of these LED lights can be individually controlled, enabling you to create even more impact with LED variations. For example, you could turn the LED bar into a real-time timer that counts down the minutes that are left for the meeting.

ProDVX Wallboard Digital Meeting Room Sign 1

Flexible installing with PoE+

Another essential feature to include in your digital signage hardware is Power over Ethernet. The benefits of PoE are numerous.

  • PoE is a low-voltage power installation, meaning it is both more cost-effective and easier to install than traditional power outlets.
  • PoE combines both power and data into 1 cable, resulting in more efficient cable management.
  • PoE is directly connected and does not make use of wireless connections, it offers a more stable connection in comparison with wireless connectivity.

Much of the ProDVX hardware offers the possibility of connection through Power over Ethernet.


Pogo pin accessories: interactive digital signage

Are you looking to take your Room Booking displays to the next level? ProDVX hardware grants you this opportunity, by turning your meeting room display into an interactive digital signage system with one of the pogo pin accessories. You can easily set up an access control system by installing an NFC module to read employees’ access cards. Or consider installing a camera to use sensor integration in order to check how many people are in a store, or to check if they are wearing a facemask. Check out this video to find out more!


Operating system: Android, Windows, and Linux

ProDVX digital signage hardware is designed with three different operating systems in mind. These are Android, Windows, and Linux. That is why most of our products are available in these operating systems. No matter which of the operating systems you prefer, ProDVX has digital signage hardware for it all.


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