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Version 3.1.301

May 4, 2022

New Features
  • The application can now upload the audience statistics report from the AI camera
  • Added Generic sensor communication, supporting custom sensor messages
  • Improved the built-in HTTP Server to work as a sensor, and can receive sensor events. (It only works with a valid sensor configuration)
  • Reworked the WebSocket communication between the client and the server
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where an empty User Command could cause a crash


Version 3.1.278

  • Change application working directory to the installation path
  • Prevent CEF popups to be displayed
Bug fixes
  • Fixed broken sensor flashing functionality


Version 3.1.263

New features
  • Cache rotation – introduced a cache cleanup policy that frees up storage based on server driven rotate rules
  • Pre-cache live datasources – cache all required datasource resources before refreshing the content
  • Configurable serial baudrate – this is a global setting that applies to all connected serial based sensors
  • Ability to change sensor’s persistent configuration remotely with custom commands
  • Configurable Phidget RFID reader actions
Bug fixes
  • Fixed device platform and type reporting during the installation process
  • Fixed a startup issue


Version 3.1.220

  • Sensor communication improvements


Version 3.1.209

New features
  • Scheduled reboot
  • Auto backup / restore settings
  • Trigger sensor events on a local Web API
  • Reset sensors via RTS pin
  • Starup improvements
  • Sensor event improvements
  • Logging sensor PIN change events
  • Increased CEF log level
Bug fixes
  • Fixed screen capture region
  • Fixed creating previews
  • Fixed high CPU usage with sensors
  • Fixed potential memory leak
  • Fixed application crash with corrupted settings


Version 3.1.126

New features
  • High resolution preview
  • Rapid preview mode
  • Sending previews after loading the content and in every 5 minutes
Bug fixes
  • Fixed invalid DateTime cast
  • Fixed scheduled precache


Version 3.1.112

New features
  • Implemented Caching JS Interface function for future usage
  • Implemented Chrome DevTools protocol to get more control over the WebView
  • Phidget RFID Reader – sending received tags in proper sensor event wrapper


Version 3.1.91

  • Changed server communication libraries
  • Improved security


Version 3.1.43

  • Fixed receiving UTF-8 encoded WebSocket messages


Version 3.1.41

  • Allowed local streams to be played on Windows devices


Version 3.1.39

  • Updated code signing certificate


Version 3.1.34

  • Increased process priority
  • Added some features to the Javascript interface
  • Removed docked mode from Windows client
Bug fixes
  • Updated cache blacklist
  • Small fixes


Version 3.1.16

New features
  • Added M5StickV support
  • Added support for sensors communicating with 115200 baud rate
  • Auto baud rate detection
  • Remote sensor firmware flash support
Bug fixes
  • Handle edge cases during sensor message parsing