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White Labeling


Your Wallboard server can be white labeled, so you can sell Wallboard as your own product under your product’s name. If you want to get more information about our server prerequisites, click here.

White Labeled Requirements:

  • Favicon (.ico, 48x48px), which will appear next to the name of your website on the browser’s tab.
  • Logo icon (.png, 77x77px)
  • Logo icon (.png, 315x65px)
  • Logo icon for summary/editor (.png, 76x50px)
  • Backgrounds (.jpg or .png, any size, we suggest the most common sizes/aspect ratios, for example 1920×1080), which will replace the background of the login screen.
  • URL-s for any tutorial videos will help direct customers to your site unless you want to utilize the help button to our knowledge base.
  • An SMTP server (optional). We will need this information if you want feedback from your users. If a user requests content, the request is forwarded to these addresses as well. Furthermore, we recommend this feature because it sends us basic information about how many screens are running. This feedback lets us know how our system holds up with various numbers of screens so we can optimize our product for all users. To add a SMTP server to the system we will need the following information:
    • the host’s domain
    • the host’s port
    • we need to know if it uses TLS or not
    • the admin username
    • the admin password
    • the e-mail address of the ‘from e-mail’. This e-mail will be the displayed as the sender.
  • If you want to change the boot animation logo on the Android devices, a ZIP file will need to be provided.

White labeled Android client requirements:

  • A launcher icon (512x512px, transparent background).
  • The application name.
  • A code for bringing up the Recovery menu. Ex: Our clients can log-in to the recovery menu by typing ‘WBD’ which allows them manually lock/unlock the device, update, disable content caching.
  • A logo (400x90px, transparent background) to be displayed on the login screen of the Android client.

White labeled LG client requirements:

  • A name for the client.
  • 80×80 png logo: this will be displayed in the LG menu
  • 100×100, png, logo: this will be displayed above the server URL input when you have to register the device
  • 130×130, png, logo: another logo for the LG menu
  • 1920×1080, png: this image will be displayed when the device starts for 1-2 seconds while the TV sets up. Please note that if you place your screen horizontally, you should make this picture horizontal, because the TV does not rotate the screen like a phone would do.

White labeled Samsung client requirements:

  • A name for the client (if the name contains multiple words it will be displayed in PascalCase format as the application starter icon).
  • 80×80 png logo

White labeled BrightSign client requirements:

  • A high resolution image for default content when the device is first assigned to the server which dynamically scales (1200×1200 recommended).
Please note that we can’t white label our Knowledge base, but you are free to use it. Our Windows client is currently in development.

Examples for the images: