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Using Fonts

In the font menu, you can set different font settings for your text.


You can change the font in these elements/widgets:

  • Text
  • Clock
  • Scroll
  • Weather
  • Image Gallery (Caption)
  • Cooltext

Menu details:

  • Font size: You can change the font size of the texts from 6 to 300.

  • Font Family: You can select from default font families or choose your own custom font

  • Style: You can change the style of the text to bolditalic, underline

  • Font Color: You can change the font color, see Using colors for additional information. With the color picker, you can select the color from your Content.

  • Letter spacing: You can change the space between the letters from -20 to 80.

  • Custom line height: You can set the height of the text lines from 0 to 300.

  • Text Shadow: You can modify the text-shadow with dark and light adjustment.

  • Letter case: You can set a latter case for your texts. You can choose from uppercase, lowercase or capitalize.

  • Scrollable (only available for Text element/widget): If your text is really long you can set it to be scrollable. It is useful with Touch Screen.

  • Vertical and Horizontal (only available for Text, Scroll and Cooltext element/widget): You can adjust the vertical and horizontal alignment of your text.

 Custom Font

Our supported font-formats:

  • otf
  • ttf
  • woff
  • woff2

How to upload and use your own Custom Font

If you do not have your own Custom font:

1. Add an element/widget down, where you can change the font family. Click on the ‘+’ icon.

2. The File Manager will pop-up and you can upload your font by:

  • Click on the ‘+’ icon and upload all of your fonts

  •  Or Drag&Drop to the Editor File Manager.

3. When your Custom Font is uploaded you can see them in your Folder. Choose one by left click on it and use the ‘Choose file’ button or double left clicks on the font.

If you have your own font uploaded

You can select it from the Font family selector.

In the selector, there are separate tabs where you can see all the fonts.

  • Recent: You can see which you used recently on your Contents
  • Custom: Your uploaded Custom Fonts
  • Normal: The default Fonts which can be displayed on all of the devices
  • Windows Only: Those Fonts which can be only displayed in Windows devices
  • Headline: Those Fonts which look great as a headline
  • Digital: Those Fonts which look modern
  • Fancy: Those Fonts which looks like handwriting
  • New Fonts: Those Fonts which are newly updated to our system
  • Not Google fonts: Those Fonts which are not Google Fonts