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In the Users menu, you can manage the users which are under your client.

You can create new users, with Add new button. You have to fill the user’s name, E-mail address, Role and Password.
If the server has configurated SMTP service, you do not need to give a password for the user, an automatic email will be sent to his/her email address to set a password in this case.
You can set a Phone number and a Comment for the user, but these are general informations only, our system, until now, do not use these datas.
If you set a user Restricted, he/she will not be able to login to the system anymore, until you remove Restricted status from the user here.

With Edit visible UI Elements for client button, you can manage that the users under your client what can see, like disabling Add Content button on Summary. In this case, nobody on your client will see the Add content button, including you. You can come back and enable the disabled functions anytime.

If you press the ‘…’ button you are able to Edit visible UI Elements on a user. It is exactly the same as Edit visible UI Elements for client but it only affects the selected user.

With the ‘-‘ button you can remove a user from the system.