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In the Users Menu you can create and manage your users. You can also add and restrict super administrators.

With the button you can create new users.

With the button you can locate the position of the users by their IP address worldwide.

With the  button you can export the data of the table.

With the button you can remove the user from the system.

With the button you can select the client of the user. Once a client is selected you can manage it’s contents, screens etc. You can only select one client at a time.

With the button you can modify the data of the user.

After clicking the button, in the appearing modal you can change the name, phone number, role, and password of the user. Also you can set it as Superadmin and restricted. Restricted users cannot use the system and they are not able to login. You can also hide or show UI elements for the user if you click on Edit visible UI elements.
For more information about User roles.

If you click on the email address of a user your mail application will be opened and you can write an email.