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Time based events can be used if we need to change the content for a certain repeated eventsuch as turning the screen off for nights and weekends or showing the lunch menu between 11 AM and 2 PM, but it’s not complicated enough to warrant using the scheduler. 


We can use the same actions as for Sensor or Touch events (Jump to page, interact with a widget, open a popup, etc…)


We can set up a start and end dateboth optionalIf it is not setit will just be ignored. 

It’s possible to only do actions on certain days of the week. 


The Time of day is in 24hour format and is mandatory. 


When the content starts (either by being assigned or the device restarting) any action that was supposed to run in the last 23 hours 59 minutes will be grouped together, and the last one from each type will be executed. (The last jump to/next page/previous page/popup action, the last Interact widget action for each individual widget, the last output sensor event for each sensor id. All other types of actions will be executed.) 

After the initial phasethe content will execute the actions when needed. (0-15 seconds after the exact minute). 

To turn off the screen for nights and weekends, you need to set up two events. The first one will turn off the screen “Each day” at 18:00. The second one will turn on the screen at 8:00 on weekdays only. This way, if the device restarts, there will always be at least one turn on or turn off action in the last ~24hours. If there are more, the most recent one will be executed.
The action required is a “Static sensor or device event” with “Screen on/off” type. The sensor id should either be left empty or set to the same value for the “On” and “Off” actions.