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The content on my device is not updated

Like all the troubleshooting start,
turn on the console window on the device and look for errors.



 When you have a device and a content assigned to it.

You change something in the content but the device is still playing the old version of it.


Possible causes



  •  Sometimes, especially when you have dozens of contents it happens that you have the wrong content assigned to your device, or you edited a copy of the content.

  •  Make sure that you have the right content assigned to your device,
    try to assign it manually again.
    Refresh the content by right clicking on the device and selecting the Refresh content option.

  • This issue can also appear when you don’t have internet connection on the device, and it can’t reach the server.
  • Also when you have slow internet connection it can take some time to download the new version of the content to the device.
  •  Check the internet connection on your device.
  •  Clear the cache of the device
  • by right clicking on the device and selecting the Clear cache option, reconnect it to the editor interface and assign the content again.

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