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With version 1.9, the user role privileges changed!


Version 1.9.40

Loop editor/displayer

  • Fixed bugs regarding media and slide time reporting in loops
  • Fixed a bug where the Start and Stop loop webhooks were not working


New feature
  • Added new hide options to the Hide UI function
  • Added a time interval option to the download advertiser history modal
  • Added a retention policy for advertiser history changed to 3 months
  • Added an advertiser history remove button
  • Optimized the advertiser function
  • Fixed a bug regarding the Spreadsheet datasource creation
  • Fixed bugs regarding the Hide UI function
  • Fixed bugs regarding the advertiser function and history
  • Fixed a bug where importing content with custom fonts showed the ID of the file in the font family list instead of its name
  • Fixed a bug regarding DMS server WebSocket communication with the displayer

Version 1.9.23

Content editor/displayer

New feature
  • Content widgets can now be merged into the parent content. Most connected data bindings, events, etc will be included
  • Added Before scheduled end event type for page change events
  • Various data binding, event/action improvements
    • Added change content widget data row function by an event
    • Event/action dialog now indicates origin (e.g. Sensor event on Default page / Content wide batch action (with batch name) / …)
  • Improved the content page creation
    • Users can now create a full-screen image/video page from the create page modal
    • Users can now create a new page by Drag&drop the image/video to the add page button
    • Users can now create a new page with a page of a template from the create page modal
  • Extended HDMI input to support Windows devices.
  • Fixed bugs regarding data binding, events, and actions


New feature
  • Added a new, more functional user permission system
  • Added an overlay for preview after timeout/when offline
  • Added an overlay for browser signage when not allowed (no license, banned session, etc.)
  • Added a new menu for browser sessions under the Screens menu in Administrator and Settings
  • Added image crop/resize function to the File Manager
  • Added online image selector to the File Manager
  • Added RSS datasource type
  • Loops and Schedules can now be placed inside groups and have tags applied to them, and are able to be searched by tags.
  • Modified the privileges of some user roles
  • Content/loop analyzer can now be accessed by Approver and Editor role users.