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Version 1.8.2 (Under construction)

Content editor/displayer

New feature
  • Added scroll widget and content widget jump on end functionality.
  • Added getContentProgressInfo function for clients, which response with which page the displayer is playing currently and for how long.
  • Added keep aspect ratio option to image gallery.
  • Added interactive option to the Youtube widget.
  • New widget added: Mapwize.
  • New notification added when page duration and animation duration conflicts.
  • Added randomize order option for galleries.
  • Added current state report of content to devices for audience measurement.
  • Users can now set certain pages of a content to only play on selected days, or hours.
  • Added limit access to an action in the displayer by requiring a PIN code authentication first.
  • Added “each data row” option to contents widget which appears if the child content contains datasource, and “different data rows” is turned on.
  • Added datapicker button to call API events, to include a data field value with the API call.
  • Added time-based event actions to content.
  • Added custom widget support to the editor.
  • Added custom format (moment.js) format options to clock widget.
  • Widgets on the overlay page now can be targeted by sensor events.
  • Added animate widget as an external event action type.
  • Added dual relay as new supported sensor type.
  • Added option to turn off overlay page on specific pages.
  • Added new touch and click sound.
  • Added hide widget sections and hide content/page properties sections function.
  • Changed playlist editor in content editor.
  • Moved video widget to Basic widgets group.
  • Changed the icons of all the widgets.
  • Moved connections section to a popup.
  • Changed design of the whole content editor.

Loop editor/displayer

New feature
  • Added charge advertiser with slide duration for loop slides.
  • Added new slide-type to loop: Audio slide.
  • Added on scroll loading to loop editor’s slide content manager.
  • Added bold, italic, and underline font style options to loop editor template slide text, weather and clock boxes.
  • Added getContentProgressInfo function for clients, which response with which slide the displayer playing currently and for how long.
  • Added current state report of loop to devices for audience measurement.
  • Loop displayer now notify the device on slide change to create a screenshot for preview.
  • Migrated loop editor to angular 9 application.
  • Images, videos, loops, templates are now dynamically loaded on scrolling or window resizing
  • Changed design of the whole loop editor.
New feature
  • Added customer level white labeling.
  • Added summary devices list view in settings/devices.
  • Added password show/hide icon to log in, sign-up, reset password, administrator/user details, administrator/customer details, and settings/users.
  • On home remember which section the user collapsed, and which group the user opened.
  • Data picker shows with different background color when a path is not valid currently.
  • Added Content and loop analyzer functionality.
  • Changed device info modal design under the administrator tab.
  • Extended knowledgeBase link list.
  • Help link was removed from the Downloads menu under the Settings tab, instead, it is placed into the Help button.
  • Replaced gauge charts with doughnut charts under the Administrator tab.
  • Improved template selector when creating new content.
  • Fixed a bug where increasing the balance of an advertiser with a very huge number responded with Something went wrong: 400.


New feature
  • Added datasource change event webhook to custom reporting.
  • Added invoicing and support email addresses to Mail settings under the System settings menu.
  • Added Software licenses sub-menu to Licenses menu, which represents the used 3rd party software and their licenses.
  • Added PM2 functionality.
  • Added template accessibility per customer.


New feature
  • Added appropriate error messages to login when the user or client is restricted.
  • Added Single sign-on (SSO) only login feature.
  • Added LDAP authentication
  • Added PIN code based user authentication.
  • Added new role: Device user.
  • Added Content assign and Content preview as new configurable webhook actions.
  • Added calendar type to Google and Microsoft credentials.
  • Added password change functionality in case of weak passwords.
  • Password policy is now configurable on the backend with properties.
  • Improved terms of service.
  • Removed .wmv and .ogg from supported video file extensions list.
  • Improved Microsoft credential token handling.
  • Fixed a bug where PWA client was pointing to the wrong URL under the Settings tab.