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System changes in v1.3

In the 1.3 version of our system we have done over three hundred tasks.
This document summarizes the most important ones.


New features


  • User password recovery
  • Foreground image on elements
  • Registered user self set password link
  • Maintenance notification
  • Content grouping
  • New content synchronization
  • Content and device tagging


Android Client:

  • Automatic client version update from USB
  • Randomized next page function for contents
  • Enable/Disable USB ports function
  • Download LogCat LOG from device


Windows client:

  • Set display off and sleep settings in windows



  • DMS improvements
  • License server
  • Final LG client




  • WeatherWidget: weather info of multiple days
  • Datapicker refactor
  • Server nodes for hybrid installations (DMS)
  • Optimization (displayer) for BrightSign

Bug fixes


  • Fixing firefox browser bugs
  • Fixing the reset function in the Editor interface