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Display the latest World news or connect your personal data source to our brand new Media widget.

Show the upcoming and current events to your employee and guests with the native Meeting room solution with improved performance and easy to use setup method.

Create magnificent Power BI graphs and display them on your screen with the new Power BI widget.

Breaking changes

Starting with version 1.10 storage usage is limited for customers!
Contact your system administrator if you need more storage.

Starting with version 1.10 we no longer support LG WebOS 3.x, Samsung SMART Signage Platform 4, and Samsung SMART Signage Platform 5 devices!



Version 1.10.183

May 05, 2022

Content editor/displayer

  • Improved the ‘Add full screen image page’ and ‘Add full screen video page’ functions
    • Changed the input field that opens the file manager to a Select button
    • Add full screen video page can now insert multiple pages to the content if more than one video is selected
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the size and position of the content widget were not correct if the widget size is smaller than the content size
  • Fixed an issue where content synchronization worked incorrectly inside contents
  • Fixed an issue where the content widget displayed only one of its page if both the child and the parent content contain more than one page and the synchronization is turned on
  • Fixed an issue where the external video players were not removed if placed in a contents widget
  • Fixed an issue where the displayer ordered Brightsign devices to cache webhook API calls with GET method and caused the webhook to be triggered twice
  • Fixed an issue where custom fonts inside template contents were loaded on incorrectly generated URLs
  • Fixed an issue where the popup created by widget click action was not centered on the screen
  • Fixed an issue where if you had touch action on a checkbox and the content contained a table widget the checkbox action did not execute
  • Fixed an issue where if you had more table widgets with one datasource and executed an action that scrolls a specific one caused to stuck all table widgets
  • Fixed Call API action backward compatibility
  • Fixed an issue where paginating table widget automatically or manually with actions did not work

Simple loop editor/displayer

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the audio elements were not removed properly on slide change and stacked audio players until the browser was not able to initialize more, which caused the upcoming audio files to not be played


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where if a webhook changed an internal data source more than once in one second and a device immediately downloaded the data source after each webhook trigger, caused the displayer to show outdated data


Version 1.10.164

April 13, 2022

This version introduces the Concurrent license limitation feature which was made for server owners to limit the number of screens displaying contents and loops by showing an overlay on those devices that are over the limit.

Starting with this version, Wallboard no longer gives the opportunity for outsiders to freely register a client with one screen.

Content editor/displayer

  • Scroll widget now accepts application/atom+xml type as RSS
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where changing the content/loop in the Content widget, with One page turned on, did not reset the page dropdown field properly
  • Fixed a bug where popups always appeared in the top-left corner of the screen if the popup size is less than 100%
  • Fixed call API action type falsely changing itself to POST from GET
  • Fixed content generation based on data row with table widget not recognizing sub data rows
  • Fixed an issue with data-bound text widgets not refreshing when connected datasource changes to empty

Simple loop editor/displayer

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the loop stuck on a plain gray slide if there were no available slides to display because the balance of the advertiser sold out


New Features
  • Added a new counter to the Screens menu under the Settings tab that represents the currently active contents and the maximum concurrent limitation
    This only appears if the Concurrent license limitation is set on the client.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the client filter showed fewer clients on the License orders and Screen licenses menu in the Administrator tab


New Features
  • Added the concurrent license limitation feature
  • Removed the Sign-up option from the login page
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where old LG and Samsung installations got their platform type stuck as ‘Android’


Version 1.10.145

March 30, 2022

Content editor/displayer

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the image gallery randomizer function did not randomize the images correctly
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a grey line appeared below stream widgets


Bug Fixes
  • Modal design and broken input field issue fixes
    • Fixed the date input fields of the Edit file validity modal
    • Fixed the design of the Audience statistics modal
    • Fixed and changed the design of the Set automatic reboot modal
    • Fixed the design of the License orders modal which appears for network owners
    • Fixed and changed the design of the folder list in the Edit file upload webhook modal


New Features
  • Added a cleanup migration for stored files that are not present in the database


Version 1.10.140

March 23, 2022

Content editor/displayer

  • Optimized and fixed bugs regarding data source binding, and changed WebSocket message
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the Videos widget stopped playing after the last video if the widget was embedded with the Content or Contents widget

Simple loop editor/displayer

  • Only play feature now accept reverse time intervals
    Users can now set time intervals like “from 22:00 until 04:00” for the only play feature.


New Features
  • Added hide advanced event features option to Hidden UI elements settings
    Sets the default value of the ‘Simplified view’ option to be turned on, in the action modals.
  • Added hide interactions and animations options to Hidden UI elements settings
    Hide the interactions and animations property sections of widgets.
  • Added data row function for LG devices. Works only with LG application version or newer
  • Added options for team owners to limit resource creation of their team members inside their accessible folders and groups
  • Editor users can now see devices on the summary page
  • Users can now create multiple pages with the Add full screen image page function if they select multiple images in the file manager


Version 1.10.97

February 22, 2022

Content editor/displayer

New Features
  • Added the Media widget
    This new widget can display the texts, images, and videos of live data sources, loop slides, and external data sources.
  • Added the Power BI widget
    This new widget can display dashboards and tiles made in Power BI.
  • Added generic sensor command option to the action designer
    Contents can now send out generic sensor events to the devices.
  • Added a brand new Content picker for Content and Contents widgets
  • Added data source mappers to the editor
  • Completely reworked the data source handling for better performance
  • Improved the Call API action with new options
    • Added new request methods (HEAD, POST, DELETE, PUT, PATCH)
    • Added timeout and response handling
  • Changed the font picker to a brand new one for more comfortable usage

Simple loop editor/displayer

New Features
  • Added option for loop layout boxes

User interface

New Features
  • File usage in contents and a duplicates counter are now listed for every file in the Files menu under Settings
  • Added a new indicator for devices on the Home screen that shows if a new version is available and an update is required
  • Improved some of the modal designs for better usage
    Including the edit file quick filter modal, all data source modals, all event action modals,  audience statistics modal, edit webhook modals.


New Features
  • The server can now cache external files from data sources if set up
    Images on external URLs are now cached by the server, and the images are served out with internal URLs toward the contents.
  • Added content usage checking upon file or data source delete
    The system now shows a notification if the file or data source, that the user wants to delete, is used in a content.
  • Added duplication check upon file upload
    When the user tries to upload a file, a new modal appears if the system finds a duplicate already uploaded to the system.
  • Added an automatic file clean up option for files with expired validity
  • Optimized the cloud folder synchronization for better performance
  • Optimized the file folder synchronization for better performance
  • Quick filter folders displayed on screens will now refresh on change
    The server notifies the displayer about the changes made in the quick filter folder, for example when the user uploads or deletes an image from the filtered folder the displayer will be notified about the change and the connected widgets will show the new images
  • Improved the file upload process to prevent huge uploads from failing
  • Improved the device metric upload handling to prevent server errors if the uploaded metric JSON is too long and the server cannot receive it.


New Features
  • Added live data sources to easily display world news with the new Media widget for example
  • Added Synchronize shared folder webhook
    This new webhook triggers a synchronize command on the target shared folder.
  • Added File upload webhook
    Users can upload Base64 encoded images with the webhook.
  • Re-designed system emails
    Including the ‘reset password’,’ forgot password’, ‘user removal’, ‘successful register’, and the ‘administrator has been modified’ emails.
  • Improved the mail sending service
    Added a new domain checking to prevent email sending to non-existing domains.