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Supported Browsers


We support the latest browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Edge. However, due to ongoing improvements and updates, older browsers may run into compatibility issues.

We strongly recommend using the latest Chrome version. Please note, that you may run into issues if you are using Chrome version 57 or lower.

Also, if you want to play YouTube videos in the browser preview, you have to set the autoplay option to ‘enable’ in Mozilla, Chrome, Safari to play videos in your browser.

In  Chrome versions 61-72:

  1. Write chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy in your search bar
  2. Find the ‘Autoplay policy’ section
  3. Select the ‘No user gesture is required’

In Safari:

  1. Click on the ‘Safari’ button, and select the ‘Preferences’ menu
  2. Choose the ‘Websites’ panel, and find ‘Auto-Play’ section
  3. In the right bottom corner, you will see the ‘When visiting other websites:’ option, choose the ‘Allow All Auto-Play’