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  1. Sony Bravia Pro Display with Android TV 10 operating system.
  2. USB flash drive.
  3. WbDeviceService downloaded from:

Installation steps:

  1. Perform a Factory reset on the Sony display. (Settings -> System -> About -> Reset -> Factory Data Reset)
  2. After the Factory reset is complete do NOT start the initial setup!
  3. Connect a flash drive to the Sony display with the WbDeviceService.pkg in the root directory.
  4. Allow access for the NodeRuntimeNormal and the NodeRuntimePrivilege to the media files.
  5. The display will recognize the application on the flash drive and will start the installation.
  6. After the installation has been completed the display will ask for permission to set the application up as a device owner, accept it.
  7. Finish the Android initial setup process.
  8. Press the Display + Mute + Vol Up + Home buttons to start the Pro mode setup process.
  9. When the display finished the transition to Pro Settings mode, start the DeviceService application, type in the server URL to which you want your device to connect.
  10. Go to Settings -> Pro Mode Settings, and find the Initial Source option, set up the Device Service application as the initial source.
  11. Find the Apps section in the Pro Mode settings, and enable the signage application.
    Note: Before Starting Pro mode make sure that you finished setting every Setting in the Android Settings because once Pro mode is enabled you cannot access the Settings application.
  12. Go to the top and press the Start Pro mode option.
  13. The display will restart, and will start the Device Service application automatically (It might take some time for the display to start the application).