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Setting up SMTP on your server allows the system to send out email notifications.

SMTP can be enabled in the System Settings menu under the Administrator tab.


A SMTP set up requires:

  • A SMTP host domain.
  • The port of the SMTP server.
  • Whether the server uses TLS and SSL.
  • The username.
  • The password connected to the username.
  • A ‘Sender email address’ which will send the emails out.
  • A ‘System admin email address’ where the system notifications arrive.
  • A ‘Bcc email address’ if you want the system notifications to be sent to an additional email address.
  • A ‘Default localization’ if you want the emails to be translated to other languages.

Functions that SMTP affects:
  • Collected interaction data from a content can be sent out in an E-mail.
  • Alert rules can send alerts in E-mail.
  • System notifications like “User created/removed on server” are sent in an E-mail to the system admin’s email address.
  • Forgot password does not work without SMTP.
  • Contact message sending does not work without SMTP.
  • When creating a new user without the password input field filled you cannot send out a “Set new password” E-mail to the registered email address. If SMTP is disabled you cannot register user without first creating a password.
  • Invoice function sends notifications in E-mail when a customer needs to be invoiced.