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With the shape element you can put different types of shapes to your canvas.

  In the Shape Menu you can change the type of your shape to another one.

You can set the width from 3 to 150 pixels of the line of your shape, and the style of it.

You can also set the stroke color here, see more about: Using Colors.

  Under Size And Position Menu you can select the width, the height, and the placement of your element quickly.
See more specified information about: Size&Position.
  In the Effects Menu you can select a background image or color to your element.

In the Animation Menu you can choose the enter, and the exit animation of your element.
See more specified information about: Animation

With switching the Custom Margin switch over you can set a custom sized margin to your element.

You can set the opacity of your element, or you can mask it.
See more about: Masking.

You can also flip your element horizontally, vertically or both ways with the flip function.

Watch a video about the element: