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Operation System requirement:

Minimum Hardware specification:

  • 4 core CPU (prefer dedicated cores)
  • 8 GB RAM (12 GB from 1.10)
  • SSD or server HDD
    • Storage size depends on the number of files and contents you want to store on the server.
      • The minimum recommended storage size for the system is 50GB (not including the data).
    • Optional
      • An additional volume for the content files (separated storage volume).
      • An additional volume for the backups and the logs (separated storage volume).
    • Preferred dynamically extendable storage.
    • Raid configuration is recommended for higher performance and security.

The amount of devices the server can handle heavily depends on the use-case, but above 500 devices we highly recommend the 8 core CPU and 32GB RAM configuration.

Example configurations:
Device count CPU RAM DMS
1-100 4 core 8GB
100-500 6 core 16GB
500-1000 8 core 32GB
1000+ 8+ core 32GB

Recommended Operating System:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • CentOS 7
  • RHEL 7
  • Debian 9

Network requirement:

  • Stable network
    • At least 100Mb/s connection between the server and the devices.
    • Ping under 100ms between the server and the devices.
  • For video streams, we recommend a dedicated Gigabit local subnetwork.
  • Each network layer must support websocket (server reverse proxies, client’s network and proxies, both for devices and editor users).
  • Opened ports statement
    • Nginx – 80, 443/tcp – inbound
    • NTP – 123/udp
    • SSH connection port, usually 22/tcp – inbound
  • For some functions to work the server has to be able to reach the following cloud services:
      • Required, except for offline on-prem installations.
      • Short-URL generation for contents.
      • Weather widget.
      • Pixabay and Pexels picture API.
      • Download and update new translations automatically.
      • SSO
      • Automatic device application update.
      • To be able to use central, curated live data sources.
    • Coming soon:

Server access

We will need an SSH connection to your server if we need to configure/install it!

If you want us to white-label your server, click here for more information about White Labeling.