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Server prerequisites

Hardware (up to 2000 devices and 30 customers):

  • a CPU with 4 or more cores
  • at least 4 GB RAM memory
  • at least 60 GB of free space on SSD
  • in all cases it is recommended to have Gbit internet connection on the server

If you want to upgrade you will need:

  • 1 GB more RAM memory / 1000 devices
  • 1 GB more free space on SSD / customer


  • We recommend to install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, because it has huge support and we use it as well on all of our server, so in order to give you a full, reliable support we need you to use this server operating system. However, on any other linux server os should run our system where Apache, Tomcat, MySQL can run.
  • If Apache2, Tomcat 8 or MySQL are installed, please remove them. We would like to start the installation of the server with a clean slate and configure everything from the start on our own way.

Things we will also need:

  • We need to have root access on the server and the login for MySQL.
  • A domain name (optional). You can use only the ip address if you would like.
  • The storage path where you want us to place the database.
  • A locally hosted VPS that we have access for.
  • We will need SHH connection to be able to update and managge your server!

Things we recommend:

  • Google Analytics for your own use to see statistics and other reports what happens in the system.
  • Have backup from the server in case something goes wrong.
  • Have SSDs installed in raid.

If you want us to white label your server, click here for more information about White Labeling.

If you have questions or want to have more information about our server, click here for the Server Setup section.

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