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We recommend mounting to your server a separate storage volume of at least 2 times the wallboard-storage size.

Wallboard system backup is consists of three parts (see below). If you would like to do backups by yourself and we have installed your system, contact us for the necessary credentials and paths.

  1. Backup wallboard-storage
  2. Backup necessary data from the database
  3. Full database backup, it also includes negligible data (we run this less frequently)

If you installed the server yourself:

  • You will find the wallboard-storage in your compose file at master container volumes:
    • ${VOLUMES_PATH}/master/wallboard-storage:/home/wallboard-storage -> you will need the part before the colon as an absolute path
      • from that folder should you make a backup
  • You will find the credentials for the database in your compose file at database container environment variables:
    • We are ignoring the following tables from this database backup because we think these tables didn’t store any necessary data.
      If any of the following tables are important for you, do not ignore it.

      • weather
      • asset_spectator
      • content_spectator
      • device_metric
      • face
      • display_time_stat
      • form_data
      • log
      • page_click_stat
      • server_stat
      • slave_history
    • We are also doing less often a full backup from the database, where we do not ignore any tables above.

We are using an rsnapshot tool to do the backups on our servers.

We are not installing this for our partners by default, so if you would like backup on your own server, contact us please.