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Sensors in general

Please note that sensors only work with devices with an Enterprise license.

Sensors can make your contents interact with the real world, the possibilities are endless.

Sensors can measure values, for example, the scale sensor which when connected to a scale can measure weight. The TOF sensor can measure distance.

Our solution is universal and easy to use.

The setup is simple.

  • The Android TV box connects to the screen via HDMI.
  • The M5Stack connects to the TV box via USB-C.
  • The sensor connects to the M5Stack via Grove cable.

Sensor designer application.

You can download the latest application from here 

The communication is straight forward

Sensor to content:

  • The M5Stack reads the sensor’s value and forwards it to the android application.
  • The android application parses the data and sends it to the displayer.
  • Then the displayer checks the sensor event list and performs the right action.

Content to sensor:

  • The content triggers an action that sends a message to the android device.
  • The android device forwards the message to the M5Stack.
  • The M5Stack performs the right action.