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Selecting the right player is crucial for carrying out a successful Digital Signage project. Wallboard cannot take any responsibility for performance if the player used is not adequate for the content that you are trying to run. 


We recommend that our partners always test devices before they order a large quantity. Rooted Android devices are always recommended. With root privileges our application can access system functions such as time sync, remote device restart, and be able to update the application in silent mode. 

For the requirements of our Android player please refer to: 

Licensing note: 

We can classify devices available on the market based on features, reliability, and price. Different Wallboard licenses will enable different complexity of content. Please refer to: 


Basic devices

These are entry level devices and are typically in the lower $20 – $100 USD price range. These devices have limited features, 4 core CPUs, no graphical acceleration, fanless operation, and limited cooling. They are mostly intended for consumer or home use and can only show pictures and simple videos. These devices may be best used with our Lite License only.  


Mid-range/High-end devices 

These devices are priced in the $100 – $150 USD (Mid-range) or the $150 – $200 USD (High-end) range. These devices offer more features and slightly better reliability. Most are produced with plastic housings and limited cooling and in general are not recommended for 24/7 usage. Better known producers include RikomagicMinix, and Beelink, but there are many different product lines and manufacturers available. Specific models can have 8 core CPUs, more RAM, and some graphical acceleration. However, their performance should still be tested and matched to the content in question. For content created with the Professional License Package, performance should always be tested and pre-approved.  


Professional devices

These devices cost more than $200 USD but are designed and built for 24/7 use. They typically include a built-in battery, can be configured to automatically switch on and off, better RAM, graphics acceleration, and have metal housings. These commercial grade devices can play most contents including contents with 4k videos and heavy animations. We still recommend testing before major deployments.


Some examples: 

Basic:                    We have no examples as we do not recommend using these devices in professional environments due to performance and/or reliability issues.


Mid-range/High-end:     Some devices tested by Wallboard for performance and reliability: 

                               Beelink GT-King: 

                               NVidia Shield TV Pro: 


Professional:     For professional use, we recommend non-consumer devices.  

                Qbic Technology – 

               Brightsign – and