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Version 3.4.8

New feature
  • Added Barcode and QRCode reader and printer features for Samsung Kiosk
  • Reworked the preview creation
  • Fixed a bug in the registration process which caused the device to stagnate

Version 3.4.7

  • Added new device LOG levels including logs from the content displayer
  • Reworked onscreen LOG, to improve performance
  • Fixed black screenshot issue with loops
  • Fixed deadlock issue when the device is offline
  • Fixed Online / Offline status indicator issue
  • Fixed device LOG missing LOGs issue

Version 3.4.3

  • Devices will now fill in the install web app URL when registering to a server

Version 3.4.2

  • Changed the display solution of HDMI input
  • HDMI input can now be placed in the background if the screen is in landscape orientation
  • Devices will only change content if the base files of the next content are successfully cached
  • Fixed a bug regarding displaying HDMI input
  • Fixed a bug regarding caching files

Version 3.4.1

New feature
  • Added a user command for set working hours
  • Added bind datasource and bind data row functions
  • Added client-side interface for display on/off calls from a content
  • Reworked smaller services and media player
  • Improved file cache and clear cache. Getting a new cache list now cancels the previous caching process
  • Improved stability