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You can disconnect a device or completely remove the application by resetting the screen in the editor interface.


Simply right click on the screen that you want to remove and select the Remove screen function under the Manage screen submenu.
On the appearing modal you can select if you want to reset or remove the screen.

Reset screen will remove your device from the server and clear the data of the application on the device. You can re-register and re-use your device.

Remove screen will completely remove the Wallboard application from the device and from the server.
Please note that remove screen only works on rooted Android and Windows devices.

You can also reset or remove Android applications manually.
Go to android settings on your device, select apps, and select the Wallboard application.
Under storage, select the clear data function to reset. After you are done with resetting the device, please remove it from the server because the reset device will not connect back with the previous registration.

To Remove the application manually go to android settings on your device, select apps, select the Wallboard application and select Uninstall.

You can remove Windows application from the device manually too.

  • Go to settings -> apps
  • Select the Wallboard application
  • Click uninstall