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With the pieces element you can add animated images to your content.

In the Image Menu you can select the image that you want to display in your content.
In the Size And Position Menu you can select the width, the height, and the placement of your element quickly.
See more specified information about: Size&Position.
In the Behaviour Menu you can select an animation and the type of it to your element.

With the Speed Slide you can set the speed of the animation.

With the Stagger Slide you can set that the letters how quickly start after each other.

With the Delay Slide you can set the delay time between the animation waves.

You can set the order that the animation will start.

With the Repeat Count Slide you can set how many times will the animation repeat for.

You can also set the number of Columns and Rows of your element.

In the Effects Menu you can select a background image or color to your element.

You can set the opacity of the element.

Enabling the Click through function allows you to click through the element and interract with other elements behind this one. 

In the Animation Menu you can choose the Enter, Repeat and Exit animation of your element.
See more specified information about: Animation
You can use the Bind to data tool to select your Datasource.
See more about: Data binding.

Watch a video about the element: