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Content wide vs page wide 

Page wide events run only when the content is displaying the corresponding pageContent wide events run on each page individually. (Notewe plan to add repeated events to Time based events in a future update. It would NOT reset on page change and could be used for different use-cases.) 

Page start 

When the content displays this page or opens this page in a popup. 

Page end 

When the content finishes displaying this page or the popup that had it is closed. 

After delay 

You can set delayotherwise, it runs the same way as Page start eventsIf the page is left or the popup is closed before the timerthe actions will be ignored. 


You can set a delayIt will first run after the delay is up and then run periodicallyIt will stop when the content stops displaying the page or the popup is closed.
Note that content wide repeats will reset on every page change!

You can achieve various tasks with repeat. For example, you can toggle a checkbox and then change something else based on the checkbox’s value, thus being able to toggle anything (text value, background color, whether the audio is playing, etc.)  

Or execute an action at random times. For this, you need to use an “Execute action batch”.  Add a “Call function” sent field. To the code field, type this: () => Math.random() And give it a name, such as: random. Click the “Actions(0)” button, add your action and in the evaluation type, choose “Is less than”. To the “Evaluate against” field, type a value between 0 and 1, such as 0.1Math.random() will give a value between 0 and 1, such as 0.9329988336300747.