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Making one Content for multiple displays


If you wish to split a Content to multiple screens, you need to make sure:

  1. How many screens do you wish to do?

This depends on it because you need one content to split and as many other contents as much you want to use. For example, you wish 10 screens, than you need to make 11 content, one for the master and one for each different screens.


  1. Vertical or horizontal?

In your main Content, you need to have sum of the total resolution for it. For example, if you have 2 screen with 1280 X 720 resolution, and you wish them horizontal side by side, you need to set the main content resolution to 2560 X 720.


  1. Different size screens?

If you wish to not just horizontal and vertical changes, and you do not have same size screen it is not a problem. When you make the contents you can easily add to the size there.


First, you need to make the first content what will you split.


In the pictures and the video, it will be seen for 2 screens.  Create the content and open it. The basic is 1280 X 720, click on the resolution numbers, and in the menu click on the ‘Set custom resolution…’ You write there the desired resolution, and create your Content. After you finish with it save it, and go back to the Contents menu, with the Home button.


After that, make another content with the name what you will know where are the screens (for example 2screen_H1, which is 2 Screen content Horizontal and the first screen.). Open it and put a ‘Content’ widget. Change the resolution and the ‘Content’ widget size to the desired one.


Note: Make sure you set the ‘Content’ widget, “Other” menus ‘Synchronise content’ switch on every screens content. If you may not it will not work functionally!


In the ‘Main’ menu, make the Source to the main content, and in the ‘Query params’, you can write your parameters. The zero is the top left corner.


Watch a video about the element: