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Android TV devices can be locked by following these steps:

  1. Setup the Android TV device normally, and set up your Google Account.
  2. Download, install and register the Android application on your CMS.
  3. After the installation is complete, install ADB (Android Debug Bridge) on your computer from here:
  4. Enable Developer Mode on the device.
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Find the About Device option, and open it.
    3. Click five times on the Build Number section, until the toast comes up “You are now a developer”.
    4. In the developer options enable the USB debugging.
  5. Find the IP address of the device. (It can be found in the Network and Connection settings)
  6. Open Command Prompt on your computer.
  7. Connect to the device via ADB with adb connect <Device’s IP address> (For example: adb connect
    (On some devices a dialog comes up asking for permission to create the connection between the PC and the device, press OK on the dialog)
  8. In Command Prompt open the terminal of the device with adb shell
  9. Backup the launcher applications.
    1. Find the path of the built-in launcher application with pm path
    2. Exit the terminal with the exit
    3. Copy the application from the device with adb pull <Launcher path> <Path where to copy> (For example: adb pull /system/priv-app/TVLauncher/TVLauncher.apk C:\Users\User\Desktop)
    4. Redo these steps with application.
      (In some cases, there are other launcher applications, disable all of them, you can find the launcher applications with the following command: pm list packages | grep launcher the terminal will list all launcher application, and their packages names, just copy the packages names and redo the a. b. c. steps with them)
  10. Remove the launcher applications from the device.
    1. Remove the first launcher with the pm uninstall -k –user 0
    2. Remove the second launcher with the pm uninstall -k –user 0
      (If there are more, or other launcher applications on the device find them with the pm list packages | grep launcher command, and remove them with the pm uninstall –k –user 0 )
  11. Additionally, other pre-installed apps can be removed like Netflix (, Youtube ( with the pm uninstall -k –user 0 <Package name> (For example: pm uninstall -k –user 0