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This article shows you how to control the LED panels on Signage tablets.


Currently supported devices:

  • Mimo signage tablet
  • Philips signage tablet
  • Qbic TD-1050 and TD-1060 signage tablet
  • ProDvx APPC-10X tablet.


To control the color you can send device-specific commands to you the device. You can do this through Sensor events, Page change events, Datasource events, and Time-based events.

Here you have to set the Action type to Static sensor or device event and the Type to Other command and in the Value field, you have to insert the command. You can leave the Sensor id blank.

The commands:

Qbic TD-1050









ProDvx APPC-10X



The meaning of the variables in the command:

  1. ledControlDevice: This is the device that we want to send the command to. It can be Qbic, Mimo, Philips, and ProDvx
  2. ledControlLedLocationType: With this, we can set which LED color we want to change. (This only works on the Qbic tablet because that is the only one with 2 LEDs) This variable can be “front”, “side”, or “front,side” if you would like to control both LEDs at the same time.
  3. ledControlPort: This is only needed on the Philips tablet (default is 5000, but it can be set in the settings of the tablet). On the other devices, it can be left with 0000.
  4. ledControlColor: With this, we can set the color in hexadecimal format.

To turn off the led, simply set the ledControlColor=#000000 (black).