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Download our latest application from your editor interface.
Select the download menu in the top right corner of the editor.

Enable wifi or Ethernet connection on the device.

You can also download our Android client from the Google Play Store.

Copy the .apk file to a flash drive and install it on the device (you will have to enable the installation from unknown sources setting).

It is also good to enable the USB debugging in the settings, this will allow you to connect to the device on USB if something goes wrong.

Start our client application and set up the server address if that needs to be changed as well as the device type.

You can choose the immediate lock down if you already know that our application works fine on that device type.

(optional) Set our application to be your default home application on your device. This step is necessary if you want our client to start after rebooting the device.

The application will register on the server

With that code you need to register the device under your account on the Editor interface. Select Screen under the (+) menu, and type in the code you received. Your screen should now show up in your portal.