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Installation on Android

Check out our tutorial video below:

Enable a WiFi or Ethernet connection on the device.         

To download from the Editor, select the Settings menu and go to Downloads sub-menu.


Copy the .apk file to a Fat-32 formatted flash drive and install it on the device via the Apk Installer application found under All Apps. *Appearance of menus may differ depending on the media player that you are using.

Once in the Apk Installer, select your USB drive and navigate to the folder path that contains the Wallboard application that you installed. Now click on the file and click Next until you have finished installing Wallboard.

Start our client application and set the server address if that needs to be changed. Select the device type.

You can choose to immediately lock down the device if your device is rooted. More information about Locking Down Android.

If you do not want your device to be locked down you can set the Wallboard app as Home app. This makes it so you do not have to start the application every time your device is rebooted and it will start automatically.

The application will register on the server and you will see the Temporary id in the Bottom-Left corner.

With that code you can register the device under your account within the Editor’s interface. Click the (+) icon next to Screen and then press Screen.

Type in the code you received, select a license order, and name your device.

Your screen should now show up in your portal illuminated with a green circle indicating that it is online.