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In this article we will lead you step by step, how can you create content with this future.


Firstly, we need to create a mock datasource with our image parameters. (width, height, top, left..etc)

Where you can find it:

In the mock datasource you need to give the data in JSON format.

With these parameters, our widget will be on the top-left side of the screen. (Only after, we bind all the data we wanted)

Now, we can put an image widget with a picture into the content.

After these steps, we need to bind our parameters to the widget.

You can find the BIND ANYTHING  on  –> Widget –> Other –> Data

Configure the widget parameters with mock datasource.

Example binding data:

If you are done with these steps, you can configure the sensor events.

Here we will listen to some events like “far”, “mid”, “near”.

With the Change datasource action type we will change the documents mock datasource with overwrite property action, where we want to change our mock datasource data like height, width..etc.

We can do this dynamically also with the sensor’s value. According to the value of the event received.

After all these steps our content is done.