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Do you have many BrightSign devices which you need to install at the same time? You can now bulk-install your white-labelled BrightSign application through! This process will save you precious worktime. You can use both the white-labelled application and the environment, which is very effective for servicing purposes.

Setting up the environment

Take your white-labelled client application file (, rename it to, and add the attached autozip.brs inside the archive.

The zip should contain this:

Host the file on your server so it has a constant direct link with the file name.

On the website, go to Admin/Device Setup.

Here, use the direct link as a custom application and add this setup file to the library.

Next, go to Admin/Device provisioning, select the screens you want to install the application, and click on the „Apply setup” button.

Here, select the setup package that you made and apply it.

After you did, factory reset your devices. They will download the application after a reboot.