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Generic User Commands for Windows Devices

Some functions on Windows devices can be reached over the command sending function in the Editor.
These commands can be sent from the context menu of the device.

Flash sensor firmware remotely

You can remotely update Wallboard Sensors with this command. The firmware must be available for the device on the provided URL.

{"user_command": "FlashSensor", "command_data": {"url":"URL", "type":"SENSOR_TYPE", "id": "SENSOR_ID", "port":"COM_PORT", "force": false}}

Parameters (at least one of the optional parameters must be defined)

  • url – location of the firmware package
  • type [optional] – type of connected sensor (m5stack, m5stack_plus, m5stack_usb_host, m5stack_plus_usb_host, m5stack_fire, m5stick, m5stick_c, m5stick_c_plus, m5stick_v, atom, atom_qr_code, atom_ble)
  • id [optional] – unique ID of the connected sensor
  • port [optional] – COM port of the connected sensor
  • force – whether to skip sensor and firmware validation during the process

Reset serial device remotely

You can remotely reset a specific serial device/sensor via RTS signal with this command.

{"user_command": "ResetSensor", "command_data": {"port":"COM_PORT"}}


  • port – COM port of the serial device