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Generic User Commands for Android Devices


Some functions on Android devices can be reached over the command sending function in the Editor.
These commands can be sent from the context menu of the device.

Set pinlock pin

Users can set a pinlock on devices with demo mode application. Whenever a person try to reach the Android settings or the Play store on the device the pinlock will appear and asks for the pin.

{"user_command":"SetPinLockPin", "command_data": {"pin":"6666"}}

Show debug log

Sometimes the support team requires a device log from the users to find out what causes a problem on the device. Enabling the debug log on the device will show more information for us in the device log.

{"user_command":"ShowDebugLog", "command_data":{"enabled":true}}

Replace WebView

To replace the WebView on Android devices please check the following guide: Android WebView update

Disable the Content Reload.

After you use this command you need to reload the application. After the restart, when you lost your connection and it came back, if you have no changes on the Content / Loop / Schedule it will not reload.

{ "user_command" : "DisableContentReload" , "command_data" : { "disabled": true }}


Commands for Qbic only

Set Qbic application update URL

{"user_command":"SetQbicApplicationUpdateUrl", "command_data":{"url":"PLACE_URL_HERE"}}

Set Qbic firmware update URL

{"user_command":"SetQbicFirmwareUpdateUrl", "command_data":{"url":"PLACE_URL_HERE"}}

Enable/Disable HDMI CEC

Enable: {"user_command":"ChangeHdmiCecStatus", "command_data":{"status":"true"}}

Disable: {"user_command":"ChangeHdmiCecStatus", "command_data":{"status":"false"}}