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In the File Manager you can manage your images, videos, sound files, and custom text fonts.


File Manager

You can see the supported file formats in our Supported formats article.

You can reach the File Manager many ways. The easiest is by clicking on the ‘File Manager’ menu.

You can also open the File Manager in our Content Editor and Loop Editor.

After clicking on the ‘File Manager’ button you will see this:

  • Upload files or create a folder
    • Upload: You can upload your chosen files from your Computer.
    • Create folder: You can create a folder. Folders can help you sort and manage your files.
    • Connect shared folder: You can connect a shared folder like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive/Sharepoint. For more information, please visit our SharePoint Integration, Google Drive Integration, OneDrive Integration articles.
    • Create quick filter folder: You can create a special folder that holds files that matches your criteria. For more information please visit our Quick Filter article.
  • Search for file and folder names in all folders
  • Change list item size
  • Download or show display statistics: Display statistics contain information about the files usage in contents and loops.

You can see your total data usage on the top right corner.


After you uploaded a file you will see information and buttons on it by hovering the mouse cursor on the item.

  • Top left: You can see the size of your file.
  • Top right: You can delete your file.
  • Bottom left: You can edit the validity of the file. For more information, please visit our Quick Filter Article.
  • Bottom right: You can add tags. For more information, please visit our Quick Filter Article.
  • By hovering the mouse cursor on the placeholder of the file you can see its name. If the file is a video you can preview it.
  • Below the placeholder you can edit the name of your file.
  • On shared folders you will find this icon: . Here you can set if you want it to AutoSync.
  • You will find this icon on custom font files with .otf extension:. This is a warning for you that this font might not work properly on LG and Samsung clients.