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You can override the statically defined duration of a page with the duration of elements inside that page.
On the Page tab under ‘Dynamic pages’ at the ‘When element finishes’ select box you can choose a specific single element or the option all elements.

In case of a specific element being selected the page will go to it’s next page when that element finishes playing it’s content. In case of elements with repeating content such as galleries, the duration is the same as without repeating, when the element finishes 1 cycle and would start showing the first slide again it will instead cause the whole page to swap.
Currently these types of elements can be selected: Gallery, Carousel, Video, Videos, Content, Contents, Table (with pagination and data binding)

In case you select the All elements option the page will swap when all elements finished playing their contents (of the applicable element types).

The usual statically defined page duration will act like a maximum duration, so at the latest, the page will swap if it’s original duration passes.

Current limitations:

  • External video players will never loop if the All elements option is selected, even if they are not the last elements to finish.
  • The Contents widget still has a static duration independent of it’s contents