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In Device Analytics menu you can see hardware, network and more informations about your devices in graphs.

You can reach Analytics tab by clicking Analytics button on the horizontal menu.
Or if you open the context menu of a device and select Screen analytics option.

Devices upload a data set about their analytics every 30 min.

In the Filter section you can set filters to show the datas you want.

Administrators can change between Clients, and can see other’s devices.

Load screen only with data slidebox allow you to filter out devices without uploaded datas.

In the Screens filter you can select out the device you want to check. You can select more than one at once.

In the Time range filter you can select pre-made intervals, and you can also add a Custom time interval too. Device Analytics will only show datas from the selected time interval.

In Metrics type filter you can select what type of datas you want or do not want to see in the analytics.

After you set everything you wanted the correct datas will appear in graphs.

You can refresh datas of graphs in each section by pressing the Refresh button.