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Version 1.1.68

  • Fixed Device Information reporting when the applicaiton could not fetch the volume information of an attached network drive and that led to an empty report
  • Added Device Platform to the installation request to get more accurate device information

Version 1.1.64

  • Fixed a bug where changing the DBA size and position settings from content made the application jump back to the primary screen

Version 1.1.60

  • Fixed a bug where users were able to maximize the DBA by dragging it to the top of the screen. This malfunction is now prevented

Version 1.1.58

  • Fixed an issue when changing the DBA window settings did not take effect in certain cases
  • Updated code signing certificate

Version 1.1.46

  • White-labeling – added an option to change the brand logo and application configuration

Version 1.1.27

  • Added dedicated device type for DBA
  • Show toast messages sent by Webhooks
  • Extended auto start installation property with current user
  • Updated libraries
  • Bug fixes