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The Synchronize Content function allows you to display a content synchronously on multiple screens.


You can turn on Synchronize content in the Content menu under Properties.

Things that the Synchronize content affects in the content:

  • Switching pages
  • Video/Videos elements
  • Image Gallery / Carousel elements
  • Content/ Contents widget elements
  • Weather element

After the function is turned on you only need to assign the synchronized content to more than one screen.

Synchronization on Android:


Synchronization on Brightsign:

In addition to displayer synchronization, the Wallboard BrightSign client gets accurate time from the server it is connected to, but in a local group only one device does this, then it synchronizes this time to other BrightSign devices locally via

Videos use an additional setSyncParams method, described in BSSyncManager, which enables Genlock (frame-accurate VSync) synchronization.

Synchronization on Windows:

Windows uses NTP and fallbacks to the HTTP source if the former is not available.