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In the Main Content menu you can set the master page of your content.
See more about: Master page.

You can stretch and synchronize your content here.
See more about: Stretch content.

In the Data binding menu you can connect a data source to your content.
See more about: Data Binding.

In the Monitor control menu you can set a monitor control command for the screens

In the Comment Menu you can leave a comment and you can see who saved the content last time.

You can set sensor and datasource events in the External events menu. The content will react to event values or send out an event value to a sensor.

In the Receiver menu you can set a receiver e-mail to receive the collected data from interactive elements. See more about: Interactivity.

You can turn on Return to default function. The content will return to the default page if nobody interacted with the screen in the delayed time. You can also turn on Reset user inputs to reset interaction widgets when the content returns to default page.

You can set a Screen saver for the content. If nobody interacted the screen in the delayed time, the content will switch to the Screen saver page.
These functions will only work if you have only one page in the Playlist of the content.