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This article is about how you can help us fixing and discovering problems much faster.

If you have a problem about anything in our system, first of all make sure that everything on your side is fine.

  1. If you have problem with a device, make sure that it is correctly connected to the internet.
    It has the latest application your server contains. You can check in the Screen info that the device is updatable(true) or not(false).
    Try to unassign the content from the device, clear the cache and reassign the content on it, to ensure nothing is stuck on the device.
  2. If you have problem on our website, make sure that you use a supported browser, and it is not outdated. Supported browsers
    Try to force refresh the website (ctrl+F5).

Now if everything is fine on your side but the problem is still occur, write to our support team at

Please describe your problem as precisely as you can. Every little information can help us detect the problem.

About the problem we will mostly asks for some default informations when you contact us. If you send us these informations in your first email, your problem can be solved much faster.

  1. If you have problem with a device, we will ask for the name of the problematic device, the name of the client, your server address/brand name to find the device.
    If the device can be found on an offline server we will also ask for the application version the device has.
    Download a log and send it to us.
    We can also use informations about the model of the device, if it is rooted or not, locked or not, connected by ethernet or wifi and the webview version.
    It is also great if you can export out the content and send to us, or just tell us the name of the content which was assigned to the device when the problem occured.
  2. If you have problem on our website, we will ask for the name and version of the browser you use. We will also ask for the server address/brand name.

For example mail: